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Does This Happen With You Too ?

Please tell me does this happen with you too?

Had a party at home yesterday night. It was considered a hit because 5 of my best whiskey glasses broke.

They need to be replenished today. Online shopping comes to rescue.

7.30 am: On the internet.

Open 1st site. Republic day sale!

Type glasses. End up checking out vases.

That takes me to home furnishings. Horrible sofa sets.

7 tabs open.

Open 2nd site.

Terrible sofa sets but great decals.

15 tabs open.

Check out decals and remember need curtains for a room.

But not the mundane ones. Ask friends.

Land up on 3rd site.

24 tabs open.

Wohooo! Exactly the curtains I need.

Buy. Buy. Buy.

Get up to get the card from the other room to make the payment.

On the way see my vase of dahlias need a spray of fresh water.

Keep flowers back, put geyser on.

Remember its oil massage day.

Heat oil, ask Ranjana for a massage.

Sit on Lap top. Forgot card.

Get card.

Buy curtains. And stationary and string lights that I least need, to the shopping cart.

Suddenly remember I have to try my hand at painting a waterfall.

Open YouTube. Search ‘waterfall in acrylics for beginners’

Take the entire tutorial. Make a list of colours and brushes to be bought.

Son comes to check on his impending delivery of some drone.


Oh and we want to listen to some songs.

Open next site. Play song on gaana.com in the background.

Decide to ‘create’ something today since it’s a holiday for him.

End up opening DIY slurp slurp site.

Get totally lost there and now want to redo my serving trays, a wall and a canvas.

Remember to jot down the TO-DO list for office work.

Get a scolding from Ranjana for not having ordered dog and cat food.

Open next site.

Order dog and cat food.

Headache because I haven’t had my breakfast.

Close 323 tabs.

9.17 am : Shut down laptop for the time being.

Oh!!! And the glasses….baaahhhh…..another time….

Happens with you too???

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