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Batata Sasmi

Frankly, when it comes to the ingredients and the measures, I am at a loss. Most who are regular in the kitchen would agree that we do it so casually that when someone asks for specific measurements we are at a loss.

Batata Sasmi, is a typical dish of Karnataka. A side dish, never has anyone disliked it. It has always been a hit at all our lunches and dinners. Infact, it is one of my husband’s favourite dish ‘from my side’, so to say! Be it our Bengali friends who anyways love the mustard tang, or those from the North or West-it has always got compliments.

It is an easy and tasty side dish with minimal ingredients. The versatile Sasmi can be made with any vegetable. The base is made of all ingredients barring the vegetable, Potato in this case. Instead of Batata or Potatoes, you could make it with boiled Beetroot, shredded cabbage, raw Mango (delightful), finely chopped Tomatoes or Onions, Cucumber, and even boiled Jackfruit.

I in fact, sometimes, combine two vegetables to get both the creamy flavour with a crunch to it with let’s say onions.

I learnt this from none other than Amma. Even after decades of making it, she manages to find some fault in my Sasmi each time yet lovingly devouring it each time. Thank you Amma for this and many other recipes from Udupi that I shall share in the future.

Sasmi is best served cold but had with steaming hot rice.


Coconut - Half

Boiled Potatoes- 4 medium

Sabut Lal Mirchi- 2-3 nos or to taste

Mustard Seeds-3 tsp

Curd- ¼ Cup

Salt- To taste


  1. Cut Coconut into small pieces removing the hard brown cover. If you want the Sasmi to be extra creamy, then scrape the Coconut.

  2. Put in the mixer, the scraped coconut, sabut lal mirchi, mustard seeds, and the curd. Grind to an extra smooth paste. I generally add the Salt after it has been ground a bit. It gives me a better idea on the amount to be put.

  3. Add extra curd if it is too thick. I like the curd to be a trifle but then that is totally as per your taste.

  4. Remove into your serving dish and add the chopped boiled potatoes.

  5. Serve it cool or cold with warm rice.


Grind all ingredients except the Potatoes in the mixie

Grind till it becomes a creamy paste

Serve cool with warm rice


Make Batata Sasmi a little in advance and keep in the fridge. The Batata soaks in the Coconut and Mustard flavour and is simply delightful! You might want to keep some more whisked curd, since it thickens after a while.

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