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8 Ways To Feel Well When Not Well

Imagine, you are down with a bad viral, flu, chicken pox, chikungunya or let’s take it to the next level- pneumonia, cancer, lupus, TB, Hepatitis or of course Myasthenia Gravis….any ghastly sounding disease.

As soon as you start feeling a bit better-apply powder. Trust me, I have not gone insane.

Dress Up  Well When Unwell

Naaah….you don’t like what you see in the mirror right?

  • The skin seems dehydrated

  • The eyes constantly water

  • The nose runs

  • A cough won’t stop

In Worse Sickness

  • The immunity is low and so is the morale.

  • The hands and limbs aren’t listening to your instructions (read Myasthenia Gravis symptoms)

  • You can’t speak with clarity (read Myasthenia Gravis symptoms)

  • You have no strength to put that spoon in the mouth (read Myasthenia Gravis symptoms)

  • Irritability is your second name (read Myasthenia Gravis side effects)

  • Depression is your first name (read Myasthenia Gravis effects)

Apply Powder

I can’t get down to telling you how important it is to look and feel good by just getting dressed!

I have tried this time and again. I am one of the lucky ones to have been allowed to work from home since I am still on some respiratory support during day time. I work from my computer room turned into a SOHO (Small office Home office). I just have to get ready each day, to be able to work. You can’t do that in your nightwear or home wear.

It doesn’t matter if no one is visiting you. It doesn’t matter if no one is there to appreciate how you are looking.

Do it for your own self and feel the difference. Apply that compact. Invest in yourself. You deserve it.

Pamper yourself.  And look into the mirror and say, “I am fine.”

Ha ha….now that I made 100 visits to the ICU and back, I must tell you this.

If the discharge is at a decent hour and if I have the strength to climb up half a level of stairs I, make sure to visit my salon, Affinity in Green Park before I go home. That I get a special attention thanks to one of my students  Neha working there adds to the comfort and benefits.

Of course, it is also so that my son doesn’t get a shock seeing me oily and smelly.

So, when unwell...


Even doctors prescribe a bath in fevers. Don’t have the strength? Ask someone else to give you one. Feel shy? Get a dry sponge done. For Myasthenia Gravis patients this is common.



Invest in fragrant bath oils, soaps or shower gels. You should feel like a flower or smell like a fruit!!!


And don’t we know this one. As soon as the forested eyebrows and those thick mustaches are cleaned, one feels like a newly crowned Miss. India.


Yes, try doing that. From a messy look to a neat and clean look in a jiffy.

Hair, cut short to boost self-esteem. Can’t do anything about the facial hair, the extra fat or the swollen eyes!!!!


Both inside and outside. Drink buckets full of water and apply loads of moisturizer as you catch your favourite movie on Netflix.


The title was just for the effect!!! J Paint your nails. Look and appreciate your beautiful manicured nails. You, in any case, don’t have the strength to do anything better. Ha! Sharing some nice shades to choose from here.


For heaven’s sake. Get out of the pajamas and wear something brighter and happier. This goes out especially for people with chronic health issues. I made the mistake last year and ended up not wearing any of the winter clothes I had bought. The season went past in my tracks and fleece sweatshirts. What a waste of a beautiful season and wardrobe!


Ok ok…maybe the powder might be a bit too much, but a lipstick is highly recommended. A pink lipstick is the best option to feel bright. Browns and bronzes are the worst options.

Life is short.

The disease shorter.

If you are convalescing, then might as well convalesce in style, my friend!

Meanwhile, as each day, I say a short prayer in my mind to get the doctors and medical professionals to find a quick sure shot cure to Myasthenia Gravis, so that not just me, but all Myasthenics across the globe walk stronger and lead a normal life.

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