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12 Super Benefits of the Miracle Leaf-Neem

It is bitter.

You might hate it. For its taste.

But you got to love it. For its benefits.

Introducing the leaf, the tree that adorns the roadside in front of your house! The neem tree. The Miracle tree.

Nah, before you squirt your nose on it, read on to see how this amazingly bitter tasting leaf can bring such drastic changes in your body. All for the better.

If you can pop those highly advertised plastic neem capsules made by big pharmaceutical companies for your skin and stomach, I would rather have you consume the versatile neem leaves in its fresh pure form.

It is especially good for Myasthenia Gravis patients who need to have a good immunity, blood circulation and a smooth running healthy gut. It actually works like miracle.

I have it once a week if not more. And trust me it isn’t that bad. It depends on how you eat it. I shall tell you one tasty way in 4 simple steps.


1. Cancer: They help by generating high levels of antioxidants and carcinogen-detoxifying enzymes and inducing “apoptosis” or programmed cell death in different types of tumor cells by strengthening the immune system.

Ingesting Neem leaves curbs cancer cells

2. Malaria: Great to treat malaria fevers. Remember our grandmothers burning neem leaves and spreading the smoke all over the house? Bring it back!

3. Fungal: Neem is excellent for bronchi infection and for the mucous membranes. Neem leaves decrease the signs of fungal infections as well as oral thrush. Neem is additionally successful towards fungus which infects hair, skin and nails which includes ringworm that develops in feet and hands.

4. Injuries: A neem leaves paste acts better than a Dettol!

5. Viral: Extracts from Neem leaves help kill the toughest fungus, be it Chicken pox, Small pox and also hepatitis B viruses. Make a paste. Apply. It soaks up the virus. Neem tea controls herpes and other skin ailments like eczema, cold sores and warts.

Eat neem- kill intestinal parasites

6. Arthritis: Neem the wonder miracle leaf is also great for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

7. Respiratory disorders: Excellent for dry cough is a decoction of Neem bark is utilized as anti-tussive in dry cough.

8.Hair and Skin: Want a dandruff free hair? Try neem juice + honey. Result? Shiny silky conditioned hair.Apply a paste of on the scalp for hair growth, lies, and removal of any skin scalp allergies or simply drink neem leaves juice. For skin a paste of neem leaves with honey should do the trick.

9. Sore throat: Use the same concoction for a gargle and see the difference. That is neem juice(diluted in water) +honey.

10. Liver: Neem juice for its detoxification.

11. Immunity: Loaded with fiber this miracle leaf has anti-microbial properties that help in digestion. A  clear gut is equal to a strong immunity. Never forget that. See if you can begin the day with neem leaves and warm water.

12.  Blood Purifier: Toxins from the blood are cleared with Neem so the heart remains healthy! Clean blood ensures a clean skin. A super purifying agent.

Sadhguru: Neem is a very unique tree and neem leaves are the most complex leaves on the planet. The neem tree has over 130 different biologically active compounds, and the neem leaf is one of the most complex leaves you can find on the planet.



Fresh Neem Leaves- 10 sprigs

Salt-to taste

Red Chilli Powder-to taste

Oil- 2 tsp


  1. In a pan fry, the washed and dried Neem leaves

  2. Add salt  and red chilli powder to taste. Add oil and continue to fry till crisp.

  3. Serve with hot rice and ghee.

So now you have the reasons and the way to consume the miracle Neem leaves also called ‘Tree of the 21st century” by the United Nations.

So what are you waiting for? Just step out of the house and get some freely available fresh leaves and move one step closer to a healthier life.

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