I Took A Selfie Today And Put It On FB Too! Read To Find Out Why?

There is no way you would not have clicked on this blog post with a heading like that!

So I took a selfie today and posted it on Facebook as my profile picture too. And got 100’s of likes! I have been grinning ear to ear. Big deal some would think. A big deal for me surely.

I Shall Tell You Why

Over the past 3 years, the body has gone through some incredible, unbelievable changes both inside and outside. Inside it has been a turmoil of hormones going berserk, lungs getting supremely sluggish, heart running faster than Usain Bolt, pancreas not able to decide how much insulin to pump into the system and a host of other things that I should refrain from mentioning here and spoil your day.

On the outside, it has been a game of looks, figure, gait, smile and body confidence-everything going for a toss. Have a look to understand why I refrained from being clicked.


2014: Everything seemed just fine



2015: The weighing scale kept going down by the kilos leaving a 62 kg person of years down to 52 kgs in less than 3 months



Arms, face, neck, shoulders, and ankles, eyes: everything swells.



I try and hide the exaggerated love handles with my elbows. I try to smile. It drops. No clothes fit. Body confidence at its lowest low.



2017: Weight down to 67kgs. Steroids reduced (not stopped yet), yoga, meditation, exercise, nutrition, more exercise effect finally kicks in. Energy level increases. The egg-shaped face now turning a strange hexagonal. Some clothes fit. Confidence gets a boost.



How much we give importance to our looks! We write blogs on it! Ha.

The past few years, I dreaded being clicked. Dreaded the sloppy downward strained smile. The bloated face. The protruding wobbly paunch that bulged despite the XL fabrics I tried hiding them in. Today, however, was different. I so wanted to wear a saree. Yes with heels, lipstick, and full makeup like the days of yore. Imagine the height of my happiness when I managed to get into an old blouse of mine!

For someone who saw me today, would have felt nothing different. But I deep inside, felt elated. I could feel the spring in my steps. I experienced the peace (like a monk) and excitement (of a child) at the same time.

Somehow, the daily routine of getting ready and then sitting at the dining table for a good half hour before stepping out for office-catching up on my breath and strength after the hard work of having a bath and dressing up too did not pull me down.

The sun was warm. The air crisp. I had liked what I saw in the mirror after ages and that got a smile on my lips.

Yes, I clicked a selfie today and mustered up the courage to post it too.

Thank you so much for liking, loving and complimenting on the photograph. It is not just another profile pic. It is a milestone profile pic. Haha. And I am accepting all compliments and likes with a huge big grin.


Tomorrow Is Another Day


Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that tomorrow might not be the same. It could be worse. That is the beauty of Myasthenia Gravis. There never is a dull moment with it. But then tomorrow is another day.

If you are still wondering what the import of this post is. Well, it is to share the fact I learned.

  • Looks matter. They do. They should. To you. But what others think of you should be least of your problems. You have to be happy with what you see in the reflection.
  • But what about those like us the Myasthenics who are unable to get back into shape immediately. Learn from my learnings. Appreciate the so-called physical flaws. Say a thank you to them and ask them to leave/dissolve and smile into that mirror again.
  • To be elated each day with that face and body, look after your physical and mental health each day.
  • Treasure the wonderful machine that you possess. To copy my lifestyle coach/nutritionist Luke Coutinho‘s mantra  (sic). Do not lax on exercise, movement, sleep, walk, good food, meditation and yoga.

So here is the deal…if any of the above points touch a chord with you, go ahead: click a selfie right now and post it on the Facebook thread or down below here in the comments section and tell me how you feel about it today.

Afterall, today is all we have. So go ahead ‘take a selfie and put it on FB.’

*As always I silently pray for a quick one timely cure for Myasthenia Gravis, not just for me for all co-passengers around this wonderful earth.






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  5. Darling Pallavi-How perfect you look to me <3 I'm looking forward to your recovering 100% in mind, body, spirit, health, energy. If anyone can do it, I know u can. Somewhere inside you, waiting to emerge ( & i know she will) is the Pallavi CPR of our youthful days. God bless you :* and love u forever <3

  6. Beauty is a funny thing Pallavi 🙂 Of course the outer looks are “interesting”. But the radiant light within is “even more interesting” 🙂

    You know as a specialist of life that every experience you go through, big or small, adds up to growth in awareness, more or less.
    That makes the bright beauty shines from within with you and adds up to the beauty you radiate, no matter the physical condition.

    And so you become a shining example for many.
    The Universe and I love you for that.


    1. Dearest Nadja, You know I am so not surprised to see you here today? I have been thinking of you so hard since yesterday evening that you simply HAD to materialise!!!! 🙂 🙂 Yes what you say is true. That internal light is what is radiating right now. It is such a circle. You start feeling better when your mind is at peace. At the same time, the mind and its equilibrium are tested when the physical is weak.
      How have you been!:-) When are we meeting?

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