The Miracleme Story 11-Bhindi Kaise Diye?

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JUNE 1993


“Bhindi kaise diye, Bhaiya?”  I, asked our regular vendor, who came each evening with his hand cart of vegetables. The strict looking, Bagga Aunty, my friend’s mother, who lived bang opposite our house, joined in.

I liked the evenings in our colony. A good time to meet up neighbours and friends.

I said my customary, namaste and hello rolled in one, while asked “So, Pallavi what have you decided?

I innocently questioned back, “decided about what?”

“Did your Daddy not tell you? About the job? Said, she.

I was clueless. “Job?”

She informed me that there was a post of TGT Geography vacant in St. Mary’s school, which she had mentioned to my Dad a couple of days ago and he said he would speak to me and revert.

When I mentioned I wasn’t a graduate yet, she asked if I had not scored well in the previous two years. Scored? I had topped, I told her proudly. Super excited at the prospect of having a job, I assured her I would get back to her very soon.

Daddy would hear nothing of it. It was too early for me to pick up a job I was barely out of college. I had to pursue my Masters in Geography, do my M. Phil and Ph. D. I had to get a Doctor before my name. He was saying all that I had aspired and we had planned for.


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Could have been-Dr. C. Pallavi Rao



However, as soon as I finished college two friends from my circle had picked up jobs. At that young, tender age, the thought of earning your own money was so tempting, I had a tough time not giving school teaching a shot. I argued. I needed a break because:

  • I studied so hard in the three years of B.A.
  • Daddy was not keeping too well so I would not be able to concentrate on M.A. level studies
  • I ultimately planned to teach in a college/university, so this could be a one year breather cum training ground

And deep inside was another reason I tried to give myself. Till date  I haven’t forgiven myself for it.  It was silly then. It feels stupid now.

When in college, we had an all girls day at a friends. The friend’s father was extremely good at reading hands. Once again, at that age, we all wanted to show our ‘hand’ and know our future. All girls giggled and stood in line patiently for their turns. Some asked about a partner in life, another asked about money. I asked about education. He said, not much. Just as much to get you a good job.

I suddenly did not like that Uncle at that time. I mean, here I was thinking of  a Ph.D and there he was mentioning the barest minimum education was all that was in store for me. Hell.


Things get into your subconscious mind and sit there for ever. And many a times it is not at all healthy.


When this job opportunity came my way, I told myself…see this is what was predicted, so this is how it is going to be.


While your conscious mind is your logical, rational, analytical mind…your Subconscious is your il–logical, ir-rational, non-analytical mind. It will believe ANYTHING whether it makes logical sense or not. It never questions what you tell it. So when trying to accomplish goals know in your conscious mind it takes time to attain them. But program your Subconscious into believing you have attained them NOW.

26 Experts Reveal Secrets of the Subconscious Mind That Most People Don’t Know


And so on a hot June morning, I dressed well in a salwar kameez  to impress,  went to St. Mary’s School, to give the first interview of my life. It was the day I met the young, dynamic, full of life, vibrant Koshi mam, the principal! I clarified, I was still awaiting my final results though I was sure to pass. I also gave my word that if I do get the job, I shall complete my B. Ed through Long Distance Programme. This I did and passed with a distinction in practical.

It would be an understatement if I said, I loved teaching.

I LOVED teaching. I LOVED interacting with kids. I LOVED teaching Geography.

And I simply LOVED writing and directing street plays.


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Maam, Annie Koshi. One of my favourite people!


The  GOLDEN period of my life had already begun.

It started from college, when I started to excel in everything I took part in. Getting prizes for Kamala Nehru College-from inter-college dance competitions to being the best in marching in the NCC-Army Wing to first in poster making competitions to topping the South Campus in Geography Hons. for 2 years. To almost becoming the President in the college elections.

And yes to landing a job in school before the college results were out.


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St. Mary’s School, Safdarjung Enclave-Those were the best days of my life!


Parallely, here I was thinking, I had arrived in life with starting my radio career as a quiz master and there I was left to be a scorekeeper.

Ha ha, after the not so pleasant radio debut of mine that you can read about here, I sat quiet for a while, disillusioned by the incident.

However, the radio bug was way too strong. I went back to the AIR corridors, with a lot of enthusiasm. I walked into the Yuva Vani section again and walked out with another show in hand. A science based show in which I was to prepare a heavy duty script on global warming.

It went off swell. I remember, the recordist complimenting me on finishing without many takes. How I wish I could tell him, I had been practicing for the past 8 years!!! 🙂

My ultimate ambition in life was to be an English Newsreader with All India Radio. I waited for my final year college results, so that I could take the Newsreaders entrance exam.

I passed the 3rd year of B. A. (Geography) Hons. Once again, I managed to top the South Campus and 2nd in Delhi University.

Of course I was thrilled. I, a mediocre student from school, was topping each year (you can still catch the surprise in my tone! 🙂 ) !!  Indeed, it had all to do with the fact that I loved the subject.

Right now with a degree in hand I was set to sit for the first ever entrance exam of my life.

A Sunday morning at Kalka school, Alaknanda. The questions were answered. The exam went fine. Everything was going as per my plans.

Just that, with all things good happening, something had to go wrong. Right?








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