20 things to stress about!



OK , here are 20 points I stress on.

What about you?

For people with auto immune disorders, stress is a part and parcel of life.

It is like a vicious circle. You stress. You panic. You attack your immune system. You fall sick. Since you are sick, immunity fails you. You are weak. You panic. You are forever stressed.

That is the story of anyone with Myasthenia Gravis or I guess with most auto immune disorder friends.

Of course, I stress too. How can I be blogging about it if I did not?

 Here are some things I stress out on. You could tick mark side by side to see if you score more or less than!

I stress when:

  1. The house is in disorder


2. The pen is in the pencil holder


3. The pillow cover doesn’t match the rug

4. Friends don’t come visiting

5. Friends come visiting

20151010_1758456. It is time for the routine tests

7. It is time for the routine test results



8. I have to go to watch a movie and have to carry my paraphernalia of things


9. I have to go out for a dinner and have to carry my paraphernalia of things

10. I have paucity of sleep

11. I have irresistible sleep


12. I eat more because of steroid side effects

13. I eat less because of steroid side effects


14. I put on weight and water retention


15. I shed kilos to the point of my ideal impractical weight of 50 kgs.

16. I notice husband being extra sweet and forthcoming (is something wrong with my reports? Why is he being so caring? What did the doctor tell him?)

17. I notice husband ignoring me

18. I can’t answer my kids math sums


19. One dinner plate of my set breaks


20. I have to order medicines to the chemist for my slur with a slur and he can make nothing of it


Get the hang of it?

We have to stress on something or everything. This way or that way.

So how does one break the cycle?

Simple. Shoot it. Either the stress or yourself J

Or simply jump to the next blog where I share some of the very short, 1 minute stress busters I often use nowadays.


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