How to shed weight?

Offcourse, you want to shed weight.

And now  I have your attention! 🙂

No, this blog is not about only shedding weight but how I wanted to share with you this wonderful video by my mentor, guide, nutritionist and now a dear friend Luke Coutinho on FRUITS!!!! 



Do you have atleast one fruit a day?

Do you have a bowl of fruits with your breakfast?

Do you adhere to the one portion of 5 colours of fruits a day?

Or are you like what I used to be at one time? Avoid them by the barged pole!

I used to relish only some fruits till a few years ago and they were mainly the citrus ones. Oranges and sweet lime and their cousins. The maximum I ventured into were grapes, strawberries and sapota. I stayed away from bananas and papaya and custard apple and kiwis.




I used to have fruits anytime of the day or night without thinking that there could be a specific time to consume them so as to benefit the most from it.



It was only when I started working with Luke as in him being my mentor that I realised I was doing many things wrong.

As I keep telling everyone, I am  a changed person since I met him as far as lifestyle, health and nutrition is concerned.

I now can’t begin my day without the juice he has prescribed or the plateful of atleast 5 types of fruits for my breakfast!

I have also come to understand that for Myasthenia Gravis, its best to keep your gut light and so I try on days to maintain a fruit and juice diet till atleast noon or lunch before getting on to grains and vegetables.




So get to know if your having that orange right in the middle of the day or that strawberry and cream as dessert is a good idea or a bad one.




Let the expert talk….over to Luke Coutinho.


If you want to hear more from him on various topics please do send him a request on Facebook. He does a FB live session which is worth a watch.

You might also want to check out his bestseller, ” The Great Indian Diet”




So go ahead, gorge on those fresh fruits, but the right way and at the right time!




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