Diet And Myasthenia Gravis

You see, no two days are the same for Myasthenics.

One day we are down in the dumps. We wake up so tired as if we did a full marathon the previous night. The swollen eyes refuse to open. The toothpaste and froth would be all over the washbasin. The early morning slur and lisp pull us down. We are unable to lift a finger, step out of bed, eat or chew well. To bend down to tie our shoe laces or sandals is a Herculean task.


But then there are good days. We are happy, chirpy, we do not bite, and we are positive, enthusiastic and physically energetic. We even have a bath, get ready and step out of the house in order. We might even manage to go to the office, gallivant in malls and even catch the latest flick on a flick!



Of course, then we come home and hit the bed.

Dead to the world. For 2 days!

That is us.




What factors trigger Myasthenia Gravis symptoms?

Over the past 12 odd years, I have tried to figure out the stress triggers that mess up my system.

Some of them clearly are:

  1. Increased stress levels
  2. Anxiety
  3. Over excitement
  4. Anticipation of any event big or small
  5. Milk and milk products
  6. Eating refined food
  7. Overeating

I reiterate, these are my trigger points but then each has his or her own reasons.

The connection and correlation of diet and the Myasthenia Gravis weakness cannot be sidelined. I have noticed an immense change in my energy levels ever since I changed the way I eat food, treat and revere food.

Treat food like a healing medicine. Revere it.

I must give a 100% credit for this to my savior-Dr. Luke Coutinho, who made me relook at the way I eat what I eat and when I eat what I eat!

It made a world of difference to me. How he made a difference in my body only through Pure Nutrition, you could read about here.

Dietary changes to lessen Myasthenia Gravis weakness:

  1. Bye-bye to milk and milk products (except curd). Instead, I have opted for coconut milk. Yes even for my tea and coffee. You could try a nutty almond milk if you do not fathom the former.
  2. Adding loads of fruits and raw vegetables to my daily intake of food, especially in the first half of the day

                  Fresh salads-a must
  3. Including the wonder food Curcumin to my life. I buy my quota of Curcumin from here in India. For those outside of India could look here.
  4. Doing away with refined oil and refined sugar from the kitchen. I shifted my entire household to the good old unrefined oil that our grandmothers used in cooking. Luckily it is now available online too.
  5. Increasing antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids
  6. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of ginger and lemon induced water through the day.
  7. Eating a little less than being full
  8. Removing grains and shifting to
  9. Developing a taste for green tea and white tea
  10. Increasing dry fruits like almonds and walnuts in my diet

    6 Almonds-2 Walnuts-A handful of peanuts each day

If today, I am going to the office and inching towards a near normal life than the major credit goes to these small little changes.

I strongly suggest to fellow travelers that you too keep track on the correlation between what you eat and how you feel thereafter.

Maintain a diary. Keep notes. Mark on a calendar.

Feel the change and do share your experiences with me.

Meanwhile, as always, saying a silent prayer that some good doctor, scientist, a researcher in some part of this world find a sure shot 100% remedy for Myasthenia Gravis.


























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