Pallavi Rao

I won’t mince words.

I was a mini-celebrity. I was the star radio jock of the city Delhi-the capital of India.

And, one day I lost my voice.

Haha! There got your attention!!!

It can’t get more dramatic than this. Right?

But then that’s how my life panned out over the years. A life full of action, comedy, romance and 100% drama.

I am C. Pallavi Rao Narvekar. Pallavi for acquaintances, Pallo for friends and fans on Radio Mirchi.

Today, I have gathered all my courage to write and discuss about it in an open forum like a blog, thinking maybe my life story would benefit or touch someone directly or indirectly.

Today, I have gathered all my bravery to jot down the life I had not planned but am now learning to manage and manage well.

Today, precisely,  11 years hence, post 3 major Thymoma surgeries, a cut and almost dislocated diaphragm, having survived cancer thrice (yes I no longer call it the ‘C’ word) dilapidated lungs and without a sound voice, I write the first blog on my life before and after Myasthenia Gravis struck.

What is a day to day life living with a medical issue as strange and grave as Myasthenia Gravis? When do you know where to put a comma and a full stop to your day and activities? How do you control the crazy games the mind plays? How do you control that monkey in your brain?

I live in Delhi with my husband and partner and anchor for life Rahul Narvekar, the epitome of optimism, along with our son Rian Narvekar and two labradors,  Shona and  her daughter Kajri.

When feeling better with more strength, I like to paint, anything and everything and sketch and create beautiful corners, walls in my home, dwell a bit in cooking and am big time into alternate healing therapies like Reiki, Pranayam, Yoga, EFT, EMF, a fan of Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle.

Join me as a fellow traveler in this journey of mine. Would love to learn from your life too as also your feedback and suggestions. Please use the Contact Us page to tell me your story too.