3 Compelling Reasons to Stash Hotel Toiletries in your Bag

No, we are not expected to take home anything from the hotel room that we paid a bomb for.

But, yes I can see a smile coming onto your face… Yes, we do.

We do pick things from the hotel room. I have done it. You too have.

The moral question is, is it OK?

Is it stealing? Well, it depends. Read on to know why?

*The viewpoints are solely mine.*


1. SMALL IS GOOD: What can we do??!! The miniature toiletries are so handy! They fit in our handbags perfectly. They are so convenient for daily use as well as for short travels. The horrendous big body lotion bottles? They just have to go back to the bathroom shelf.


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     2. WHERE WILL IT GO? Come on, you and I are contributing to a green environment for heaven’s sake! Unless you know the half opened shampoo and conditioners are definitely going for recycling or to the poor, it is best to take it home and use it till the last drop rather than it going in the bin. It comes especially handy on days when the bathroom shampoo at home gets over. There… I see that smile again!

Since its founding in 2009, Clean the World claims to have arranged the reuse of more than 11 million bars of soap and hundreds of thousands of pounds of shampoo and conditioner, eliminating more than 750 tons of waste in the process



Donate Your Hotel Toiletries To Folks In Need With Amenity Aid

3. BOMB: Let’s face it, it is a bomb you have spent for the night at the hotel. It costed you as much as a return ticket to Hong Kong. Taking away the three tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash it won’t hurt the 5 star hotel’s purses. Ok, if you insist we add the shower cap and the mini soap and the smallest toothpaste.

Most hotels do not consider this stealing. Yes I have done my R & D on this for your and my sake.

But this is where my list ends. And this is where many people’s list begins!!!

Indian travelers feature at number 27, with 38% admitting to leaving with something, the most preferred item being books and magazines.


   Agreed that some hotels do not mind guests taking back home:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Moisturizer
  • Shoe shine kit
  • Pen & Pencils
  • Notepad
  •        Dental kit

 But taking away the ones listed below? Agreed that the hotel staff makes us feel at home away from home but err, even I wouldn’t recommend. The fact however, is that they get lifted often:

  • Umbrella: Saving for a rainy day?



  • Weighing machine: It shall weigh a ton on the conscious.



  • Hair dryer: How did you manage to cut the in-built cord?




  • Light bulbs: Hello!!??









  • Crockery: Like really? Cups and Saucers and Cutlery?



  • Bath robe:Did you know? In Japan, a hotel arrested a couple for picking their bathrobe and ashtray!



  • Paintings: How? How did they fit in your suitcase?



  • Alarm clocks: Your time is not right!




  • Pillow: You won’t get an iota of sleep
  • Bedspreads: In the US, a few chains invested in electronic tags for their luxury linens. The alarm went off to sham the lifters.
  • Blankets: Did you carry an empty suitcase from home by any chance?


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  • Hand towels: and Towels too? In Britain, it’s a crime!





  • Batteries of remotes: Why but why?



  • Remote control: don’t you know it might not work on your Tata sky?




The one thing that surely needs to be left behind (even kleptomaniacs shall agree) are the cloth slippers. They are lousy. And their sole (Pun intended) purpose is to make one fall on their face!!!

Basically, the consumable goods can be taken. But let us leave the non-consumable goods for the next guest.

According to a report, 68 per cent of British travelers confessed to towel theft.

The bottom line is, don’t go overboard. Limit it to the toiletries in the bathroom. The rest is out of bounds.

However, I am sure the some of us compulsive miniature toiletry pickers would not touch it by the barge pole if I mentioned that apparently, The Hilton group of hotels allows guests to buy products provided in the rooms, from the trademarked mattresses to toiletries and pillows, from its website. Ha ha ha!

Le, hum kyun khareedein, ghar mein shampoo ki kammi thode hi hai!

(Huh, why should we buy? There is no dearth of shampoo at home!)


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