2 Types of House Guests-Which One Are You?

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House guests.

The topic house guests, is a very interesting topic.

It is a topic very close to my heart. It is a topic close to your heart too. It is a topic that we all have something to contribute to.

Even as you are reading these lines, I can see, you already have a few names and faces cropping up in your head. Yes, I can read your mind!!! 🙂

You and I have either been house guests falling in one of the categories listed below or have been hosts who have experienced one of the kinds.

Before I begin, I have to confess, that my house is an open house. Both my husband and I, genuinely love having guests over, whichever, types, shapes, sizes, numbers and/or category they belong to.



There was a time when, in our precious accommodation, without an exaggeration, one suitcase would go out and another would come into our house. So much so that it came out in one of the Vastu readings of the floor plan that the main gate of the house faced a particular direction which encouraged house guests!



Close family friends, best buddies, acquaintances, relatives, family, friends of friends, maids and their friends and family staying over till they found a job, driver’s aged parents visiting the city- given a warm accommodation during a cold winter week.

You name it and we have entertained, looked after, tended, all kinds. Happily. Always. Well, almost always.

This post I write after several chats with friends and family and their respective guest angst. It has no bearing on the house guests we have had over the years.

And if by any chance you do find a case that sounds like you, well…you better take note ! Hee….hee…


Duniya mein basically do type ke guests hote hain, haiiiiin?


Guests, broadly are of 2 main types:


Actually, there should also be a 3rd type: HOUSE GUESTS WHO REFUSE TO LEAVE

But for the sake of clear thinking and an unprejudiced post, let’s restrict ourselves to the 1st two.

 I .GUESTS INVITED FOR LUNCHES AND DINNERS: They are invited. They come. And then they go. No, I did not say they come on time and go on time, but yes, they are the visiting faculty. Neither do they all believe in RSVP, but then, that is content for another day. It has to be given due blog-post space.

We shall today, dwell mainly, on the 2nd variety.

II. HOUSE GUESTS: Dear Lord, help me curtail this to a few paras. Let me not write a thesis on this, because I know I can.

Varieties of House guests. They are further divided into two types:

  1. INVITED GUESTS: These are the ‘too good to be true’ guests. They are also known as Welcomed Guests/Charming Guests/Gracious Guests/When are you revisiting Guests


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  • They come visiting only when invited profusely.
  • They land up on the day pledged.
  • They leave on the day promised!!!!
  • They have impeccable table, kitchen, and house guest room manners.
  • They have no complaints about the house guest accommodation.
  • They carry their own toiletries and towels!!! (I am going to cry now!)
  • They eat what is served lovingly.
  • They as a gesture get something home almost each day of their stay.
  • They even tip the helps while leaving!


As I said, this breed is rare.

2. UNINVITED GUESTS: As the name suggests, this crop of house guests who invite themselves unashamedly. They first land up and inform later how long would they be staying with us till, their work in the city is over or till they find work in the city! Trust me we have had to entertain both the kinds. A friend of ours who had once helped during our bad times, landed from another city and stayed back till he found a job to his ‘liking’ after a year and a half. They are also known as Unwelcomed Guests / Self-invited house Guests/Ungracious Guests/Ungrateful Guests/Annoying Guests/Hope you never come back feeling Guests




  • Land uninformed

  • They resemble a suspense thriller. There is no knowing the end (of their visit)
So they say!


  • They make themselves feel at home more than you yourself do. You might see them nursing a drink from your well kept bar, when you return from a hard day at work.
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They forget!



  • They raid the kitchen and the fridge through the day and comment on it not being well stocked. “Zara dekhna, Kaju, badam aur cheelgoze khatam ho gaye hain”

  • They love throwing surprises! Like for e.g.: 1. Saying they would be home for dinner and then not come. 2. Saying they won’t join us for lunch, land up and expect to be served a 3 course meal. 3. You see a stranger coming out with a familiar looking bath towel on the head out of your bathroom, to be informed it is a friend who did a night over after a late night at a pub. 4. Will leave you Beka(c)ar for the day, since the houseguest decided to take the vehicle and the vehicle chalak in order to avoid a metro travel on a cold winter day.


THAT’S my towel!


  • They won’t even as a gesture offer to give a helping hand around the house.
  • They under your eyes, slowly and steadily take over the reins of the house. You realize one day why your favourite baigan (eggplant) is not being made any longer. Or you notice the seating arrangement at the dining table seemed to have changed.



  • They might be the not so neat and tidy Guests: They genuinely, do not know the difference between the cupboard, floor and the dustbin.


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  • They have skin thicker than a rhinoceros, refusing to take hints that they are not welcome because of reasons galore.


  • The day they arrive you have this gut feeling that they might be a near permanent house guest but feel helpless to remedy the situation.


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As I mentioned they are the tough ones to crack. They invoke only one question in us- when are you leaving?


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Did I touch a wrong nerve? Did I hurt a soft spot?

Ofcourse, there are ways and means to avoid unwanted house guests, but most of us do have neither the art nor the upbringing to ask someone to leave.

And so you let the house guest park himself or herself and get back to what you neglected for so long.




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