15 indicators that you are becoming a tree!





I became a tree. About 20 odd days back.

Trust me it was not a good feeling.

I had more CO2 in my body that O2.

I was reverse breathing.

Inhaling when I was supposed to exhale and exhaling when I was to inhale. Confusing? Yes indeed.

With heavy doses of steroids for the past one year and a surgery to snip and scrape off “hot spots” from my right lung, I was having troubled sleep. I could on sleep straight or on my right side. I slept on my left side for an entire year and more.

It translated to a near insomnia.

Insomnia in turn led to:

  • Graveyard time Facebook addiction: Checking and rechecking status updates of known and unknown people, watching unnecessary videos and taking part in inane quiz contests (yes including which flavoured cupcake you would be ideally!), became the norm of the night.


  • Eyes would hurt, burn and water.
  • The head would buzz all through the night.



  • Sleeping in chunks of 15 minutes to a maximum of one and a half hours at a stretch
  • Tingling sensation in various parts of the body
  • Cramps
  • Waking up with a start
  • Lethargy through the day
  • Depression



A few months of sleeplessness led to breathlessness.



It was only much later that I was educated by the doctors that it was the other way round. It was due to breathlessness that I was unable to sleep supine. Infact, I was unable to sleep. Period.

I soon stopped sleeping on the bed.

I sat on the bed with my hand cupping my chin and legs dangling on the floor for hours on end. I had n number of falls from the bed, each time being lucky not to have hurt head, eyes, nose, and neck against the bed stand or the edge of the table.



15 clear symptoms that you are on the verge of becoming a tree or have EXCESS OF CO2 in the body are:

  1. Flushed skin
  2. Full pulsepulse
  3. Tachypnea: In adult humans at rest, any respiratory rate between 12 and 20 breaths per minute is normal and tachypnea is indicated by a rate greater than 20 breaths per minute
  4. Dyspnea: Shortness of breath, is a feeling like one cannot breathe well enough
  5. Muscle twitches
  6. Hand flaps
  7. Reduced neural activity
  8. High blood pressure in some cases
  9. Headache
  10. Confusion


11. Lethargy

12. Disorientation

13. Panic

14. Hyperventilation

15. Convulsions, unconsciousness, and this could eventually cause death


The last few months were the worst.

Not only was I disoriented and  hallucinating, I had started to sleep walk and sleep talk. I was imagining faces and people and having conversations with invisible people. During the day, I was disoriented. I could complete not a single task at hand. I started falling off the bed each night.



The last straw on the camel’s back was when I would almost dozed off while speaking with colleagues in office, in the pantry and in meetings. I was embarrassed. They were shocked.

I one day fell off while standing, when suddenly sleep took over, for a second. I got my head saved from splitting by just an inch as I hit the edge of my bed.

I rushed to my pulmonary doctor. He saw my O2 and CO2 levels with an ABG test and immediately advised admission in the ICU. I suffered a respiratory collapse soon after and was put on ventilator the same day for almost 4 days. Most had lost hope on me this time. But once I got back to my senses, I told my mind and body to get well and get off the ventilator as soon as possible

One of the worst experiences of my life but I eventually was off the ventilator and went on to a BI-PAP AVAP machine which is like a non-invasive ventilator.  The doctor was a trifle surprised since he had planned making a hole in my neck,  push in a pipe to facilitate breathing for the rest of my life. I freaked.

I told my body. I trust you. Just get well soon. More on this in another blog post of mine. 🙂


I am home now. I use this machine 2 hours in the day and every night to support my diaphragm, a part of which was cut during one of my surgeries and is unable to support my lungs.


I am presently back to my yoga exercises and breathing practice. Getting the diaphragm to start working again and the lungs to gain its power back is the only solution.

The good in all this is that Myasthenia Gravis is right now under control and the steroids dosage too has now been decreased.

No wonder I like to call myself and my precious blog miracleme. The miracle that is me.

So even as you are reading the last few lines of this post, do check how are you breathing?

Inhale, the stomach goes out.

Exhale, the stomach goes in.

Diaphragm breathing.






This is the correct way.

Else chances are you might become a tree too!

And you won’t like it.

At all.

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